How we defend your privacy

This privacy policy sets out the ways in which the owners of use and look after any information that we get from you or about you. You can rest assured that we take privacy extremely seriously and we will treat any personally identifying information in strict accordance with the following policy.

What we collect

We collect information about visits to our website which is not personally identifying. We can discover which pages you visit on our site, how long you spent on these pages, and various characteristics of the Internet device that you have in use when you visited our website. However none of this data can identify you or show which individual visitor it relates to.

You may also provide information to us yourself by contacting us in some way. This information may include your name, telephone number, email address and any other information that you volunteer to us. Since this is personally identifying information it will be treated in a secure manner and stored in encrypted form on our computer system. This information will not be made available to any other person unless any of the following (very unlikely) circumstances occur:

(a) A court or other legal authority in the UK orders us to do so:
(b) We have reliable reason to believe that we can prevent or mitigate illegal activities:
(c) We believe that by doing so we will prevent or mitigate harm, whether financial or otherwise, to ourselves or any other third party.

Processing of information

This is a personal hobby website and not a commercial one so we have no reason whatsoever to process any information and we have no plans to do so. If this changes in the future we will advertise that fact on this page.


We do not use cookies of any kind and have no plans to do so. If this changes in the future we will advertise that fact on this page.

Sale of information

We will not sell any personally identifying information that we hold about any person under any known circumstances.

Your access to our information

You have a right under various acts of Parliament to view any personally identifying information that we have about you. If you wish to know what records of this kind that we keep please get in touch with us and we will let you know. We will make this information available to you once we have had satisfactory evidence that you are the person to whom it relates.

Deletion of information

If you wish us to permanently delete any information that we hold about you please let us know and we will do so as soon as is reasonably possible.

Changes to this policy

We may change this policy from time to time so we advise that you check this page on each future visit to make sure that you still agree with the contents of it.

Contacting us about our privacy policy

The person responsible for implementing this policy is John Andrews who can be contacted by email at jaandrews(at)